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I think oldjackbob is on the right track - warped clutch plates most likely, from the symptoms you described.

It could have been caused by something as simple as a cable in need of lube, too. If it has too much friction, it won't "release" fully. And if it doesn't release fully, you can get clutch slippage and warp the plates. Clutched up wheelies can be hard on the plates, too. As can 'quarter-mile' starts (doing a lot of 'stoplight to stoplight' racing there in So. Cal?) If the shop is no help, buy and install a new clutch cable and see if that doesn't solve your problems. The cable is a braided line and perhaps some 'strands' have let go and now when you pull in the clutch, it isn't fully separating the plates? It's a long shot, but it is a relatively cheap thing to try and might get things sorted. If it doesn't do the trick, then it is probably warped plates and nothing else is going to fix it other than a new clutch pack install.

Oh, and to answer your question, the GSX-S1000 isn't known to have clutch issues, which is a good thing, but in 2018 Suzuki did switch to a 'slipper-clutch' on their USA model bikes. Maybe that is causing issues we haven't seen before? I'm just sorry you are experiencing problems. That's frustrating.
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