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Should I?

Hi All,
I've spent the last few days on this forum, educating myself on this bike.
I currently ride a small 2012 CBR250R in Southern California (my commute is 50% canyon, 50% Pacific Coast Highway) and my bike is perfectly capable in the canyon, but not as much fun on the highway. I don't like being carried away by the wind so much .
I've been looking for some time and when the Honda CBR650f came out I thought I have my answer, except when I sat on it, everything about it screamed "cheap" and "boring".
Walked into a local dealer (Semi valley) to look at the '16 GSX-R600 not knowing how **** uncomfortable it will be and he suggested I get on the S1000f. I have to admin I didn't imagine myself liking anything like it, but it didn't feel bad at all. I almost pulled the trigger, but I discovered the issue with the throttle everyone is talking about. I test rode the bike today and tried keeping it ~2000 to ~3000 rpm to long periods of time to see if it will twitch, but it behaved well (although I have the feeling it doesn't like staying that low ). The dealer had left it in TC3, which might also have masked the problem.
I'm still not convinced, whether this would be a good commuter and whether I should be looking to more sensible SV650s or Aprilia Shivers and the like. Although I am keeping the CBR so it would be nice to have a this 1k for the freeway days.
My biggest concern is people from SoCal calling this bike dangerous in a line splitting scenarios (I do that 70% of the time riding, LA traffic is known to be crap at all times of the day).
The whole package seems great with this bikes and I'm hoping to get it for under 10k OTD, so this is hard to beat with any other make/model out there, but I also don't want this "bargain" causing me to get a bike I wouldn't otherwise be considering.
Any advise would be appreciated.

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YES! Then you too can stop and admire her stunning looks while you have a call of nature : - )

Used to get off of my GSXR 750 every hour to straighten up and reset my hips but now I only stop when I really have too.

Go for it.
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"Should I?" If you're asking, then probably not. If you rode it and are not convinced then ride some others as well. There are many bikes to choose from.

I have no intention of swaying your opinion either way. It's a powerful naked bike that is relatively light for the class. It is comfortable but no tourer. It will kill the inexperienced if they are not careful, but it does have some safety aids for the odd occasion capable riders fvck up. It's a bike for skilled riders who like some aggression without a racer's crouch. It's not a dedicated commuter bike but even a Goldwing can commute. The colours are nice, except the blue ones - so gay.

And welcome!
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Getting up it for the rent
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I lane split every day, not sure why they think it's any more dangerous on this, than any other bike.

Previously had a GS500, and now have the GSX-S1000/A. No issues with wind buffeting that i didn't have with the GS500, you kinda do get used to it being a naked, but the faired version might be alot better if that is a concern of yours.

The throttle issue, CAN be annoying, but i'm not experiencing it majorly, BUT it can be... ultra responsive, and you DEFINITELY get used to that and it does settle down (you stop turning the throttle as hard) the more you ride it.

There are methods to fix it, although may not be 100% legal in your state/country, so it is something to be aware of.

Me personally? Love the looks, have an extensive mod list to it, and i currently haven't had the ECU flashed, but it's getting done as soon as i can get it done (after i modify the exhaust).

2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000 Blue
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I agree and disagree with Jaked, if your not convinced don't buy it yet and test ride some more bikes, I was in the same boat the first time I test rode it but I was coming of a rock solid GSX1400 and I wanted a smaller and lighter bike and then after riding some other bikes and the GSXS again I was sold, if your worried about the throttle snatch get a throttle tamer for it and if you get the constant speed problem get an o2 eliminator and problems solved
I don't agree with Jaked that the faster blue ones are gay

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Like others have already mentioned - test ride everything you can get your hands on. The more you ride, the more you'll appreciate the qualities of the different bikes. Don't stick within a certain genre either. Some bikes surprise you.

I've had a little 250, a supersport, a hyperbike and the naked GSXS and they all did everything I wanted. They could commute, tour, scratch and handle a track day. Yes, some did things better than others, but they could, and did, it all.

There will be that one bike that really does it for you. There always is. It will make you smile, possibly even giggle maniacally in your helmet whilst riding (in a very manly way, of course), and then make you not want to get off when you get back to the dealer. When you do, you'll stop and look longingly back at her. Then you know she's the one.

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I think lane splitting on this bike is just fine. I hated lane splitting on my FZ-09 in really congested traffic as the bars were wider.

If you rode the bike and you're still unsure, then maybe you should ride different bikes. The SV650 is a great commuter bike.

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bsyarov, I'd always recommend the f-model gsxs, as I think it is great bike for its genre (hot rod naked, hooliganish, etc.). But I'm not sure if what you are primarily wanting is a better highway type ride that also does curves. As above the SV650 is a strong choice, and the Versys 650 Kaw gets great reviews (as does the more $ 1000 Versys). Anyway, determining ones motives is always the hardest part of the purchase process. Good Luck!

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It's a big step from a 250 to 1000cc, although things like TC can help make it more manageable, but that power creates a whole bunch of dangers that simply cannot happen on a 250. I'd be keen to transition with a 600 or something, but not a race bike (poor commuters, power not accessible at legal speeds). The advice above for versys, or sv650 is good. However, a lot of that danger depends on your skills and attitude (all bikes are about as dangerous as each other on the kick stand right, and the minute you start moving, the danger is in your hands - mostly)

I've only had mine for 300km now, and I can honestly say, that the throttle issue can be 99+% managed by technique (but the sensitivity does vary between bikes from all accounts). My tip is to never let the throttle slack come into play. when closing the throttle, just close it until you feel the slack start (throttle is closed, but cable is taught), then it's easy to roll it back on without a jump. Also, don't use your wrist for turning the throttle during the initial opening part, just roll it with your thumb, bracing your hand with a finger on the brake lever, kind of like when blipping during braking.

Lane splitting is a tricky thing. I don't do it, for 2 reasons - it's illegal where I am, and it strikes me as something that is likely to injure or kill me, so I'd avoid it in general. BTW - by lane lane splitting I mean squeezing between moving traffic. Stationary traffic is lane filtering, also risky. I guess you want a narrow, light bike, so that when you get hit, there is less weight to crush you. If the bike is too wide to lane split, then perhaps you should not split in that scenario, but that's just my opinion.

New bike time is exciting. I hope you have a great time shopping around and then learning the new bike. I know moving from my old ZX6R to the GSXS over the last week or 2 has been a great experience that has re-invigorated my passion for riding, just like when I was learning.
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Welcome. Wow, the gsxs 1000F would be a huge jump from what you are on now, both power wise and weight (although it feels light). But for freeway riding and carving it would be an outstanding choice. Generally freeway speeds are around 70mph to 80. I have had a SV650 and a Triumph street triple R, amazing around town bikes but not fun at all on the freeway. Very buzzy and revved up when keeping those speeds for a length of time. Also the lack of wind protection and light weight of them will have you getting blown around. The GSXS is rock solid on the freeway, good wind protection, plenty of power to spare, good gearing and solid feel even when it gets windy. As a plus it is also great around town.

Honestly is the perfect bike for me, and I have had a good number of bikes over the years both standards and full supersports. It is truly a comfortable sportsbike without being a full sport touring machine. Suzuki really got this one right. I have waited years for this type of bike to be made. Only area that I found it a bit of a negative is putting a passenger on and lack of hard luggage. The passenger really has to work. The passenger seat and angle is really sloped forward at an angle towards the rider. This adds a lot of pressure on the rider, fine if your passenger is 90lbs but after that they have to learn techniques to not lean forward, especially on braking. Best for them to put hands on the tank. But as far as power and braking goes you will not notice the extra weight on the bike. But if 2 up is the majority of riding I would say to get a nice BMW RT or something more suited to 2 up. If you ride alone most of the time you will love it.

Here in IL we cannot lane split so I don't have much experience on that. Even if we could not really sure that would have much influence on my purchase. People are a**holes and I wouldn't trust drivers from making last minute lane changes and trying to squeeze me out when splitting.

You did not mention how long you have been riding or your age. Insurance may be something you want to look into while shopping. You may find out that at 1000cc sportbike may be too expensive to insure, especially if you are young.
Years of riding should also be looked into, I can honestly say that if I started on this bike 15yrs ago I probably would not be around today. 1000cc's of a gsxr motor is not forgiving. Hate to sound like a safety nut but this bike is best used in experienced hands since things can get hairy pretty quick. Where bikes like my Bonneville can be ridden more loose and are very forgiving.

Best of luck on your search, fyi, I hear great things about the Kawi Versys. Swiss army knife of bikes.
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