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gryhund66 12-12-2015 05:03 PM

decided to buy one
greetings all. After a lot of internet reading and waiting for decent weather to test ride I finally made the decision to buy a blue GSX S1000 ABS. Now just have to wait for decent weather to pick it up. FYI I traded in an '06 BMW K1200R. I really liked the K12R but it is 10 years old and BMW's can start to get expensive as they age (you know the story, it's a grand bike. Every time I take it to the dealer it costs me a grand). Plus I never liked their "power" brakes, weird feel and if the servos go out it's a $3000 replacement. Bike before that was the mighty B-King. A great fun bike but mine had no ABS and compared to the K12R and my brief ride on GSX S1000 kinda top heavy. Still, this bike introduced me to big Hp and it would be tough to not ride a bike with less than 100 hp. yeah, spoiled, I know.
Been riding for about 43 years now. Mostly commute and day rides but I try to go on one extended ride each year.

nicka 12-12-2015 08:25 PM

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Good choice mate

A few people have been getting sticking mode switches and we are working on the snatchy throttle and other than that all else is sweet so enjoy and welcome.


Jaked 12-13-2015 04:27 AM

Welcome! Try not to read too much before you go for a proper ride. Find out for yourself if the bike really has any issues, I'm of the opinion that some storms fit into teacups.

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