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02-25-2017 06:32 PM
nicka I got to see the MT10-SP model yesterday at the Australan superbikes and in the flesh that colour scheme looks awesome which made the front look even better especially in the flesh and not on a picture, but what i was impressed with was the color digital display the best i have seen yet that was driven with menus and was that clear that i was waiting for HD video to be shown on it it looked that good.
What was disappointing is that Suzuki once again failed to make an appearance at another bike show, i think they are cutting their own throats as i saw a GSXS about 3 years ago at the MotoGP and straight away i was sold and brought one when it was available which shows that appearance does work,
01-03-2017 02:32 PM
Ghostrider.1127 well was a death stone under 6000 rpm...
01-03-2017 09:05 AM
Originally Posted by rcannon409 View Post

I dont believe anyone has built a better all around bike than the first gen fz1. Maybe even for touring, as mine was very comfortable.

Having owned and ridden about every standard naked-ish bike out there, I happen to agree. The first gen FZ1 was a gem. I feel like that bike is the bike I compare other bikes to.
01-03-2017 09:03 AM
swampass having ridden the FZ10 in stock form, reflashed, and reflashed/decatted I can tell you without reservation the GSXS motor outperforms the FZ10. The guy I ride with has an FZ10. We swap bikes all the time. Even he says my GSXS is "strong as ****". My bike is stock. I like the FZ10. It's comfortable, a little more roomy than the GSXS, has cruise control, and with an exhaust is sounds a bit like a big VFR. Fuel mileage is terrible though. I like how it looks. The FZ10 was announced the day after I brought my GSXS home. I was pissed. I had been waiting for the FZ10. I was ready to trade my GSXS in as soon as the FZ10 was released. My buddy bought the first one that rolled out on the floor. I rode it after break in. I decided I had made the right choice with the GSXS. I really like the FZ10....but I paid $3000 less than he did and I think the GSXS is actually better.
12-29-2016 10:54 AM
rcannon409 Luc, you know what that ninja 1000 transmission is like..where gear 4-5-6 feel more like 3a, 3b and 3c. That had to help acceleration times, but sucks in real life. It hurts nothing, really, but is annoying.

I saw that fz 10 test, too. I dont mean to say we can look at different dyno charts and say, "Wow, this magazine says this bike is 1.1 hp stronger, it is therefore faster....No, not at all.

But, if you look at the uk tests, using the same hp measurement, its as if the power above 10,000 rpm is missing for the usa fz 10. A 5-10 hp discrepancy is no big deal, but the uk magazines show their mt 10 way closer to the 158 level. Thats a 20-30 hp difference.

First gen fz1 had to be just about the perfect "motorcycle". Smaller and more sporting than a bandit 1200, at the same time, larger and more comfortable than a ninja 1000.

I dont believe anyone has built a better all around bike than the first gen fz1. Maybe even for touring, as mine was very comfortable.

I cant say I loved mine, probably, but it was that bike that was always due for an oil change. I just rode it everywhere.
12-28-2016 12:56 PM
Originally Posted by Rusty View Post
Regarding rear wheel horsepower, Motorcycle Consumer News (a US based monthly subscriber paid publication that does not accept advertising) tested the two bikes more than a year apart but presumably on the same dyno and reported 136.something for the GSXS and 129.something for the FZ-10.

But I am still stumped on the mileage thing.
Thanks Rusty
MCN is the magazine that I trust the most
Some interesting numbers ( most are for my various bikes) from MCN
2004 FZ1 125hp---- 10.55 @130
2011 Ninja 1000 122.5hp-- 10.5 @129
2014 ninja 1000 126.5hp-- 10.49 @130
2016 GSX 136.5hp---10.53 @135
2017 FZ-10 129.5hp---10.5 @135.4

The GSX weight ( naked) 462lbs and the FZ-10 468lbs
so with 7hp less and 6lbs more, the FZ-10 is very slightly faster than the GSX

I always thought that the first generation FZ1 were a blast and, compared to much more modern bikes, the numbers prove it,

Also interesting that the 14' Ninja is marginally faster,time wise, in the 1/4 than both the FZ and GSX.
i guess that all those bikes are so close from each other than it is really splitting hairs as to which one is faster
12-28-2016 12:14 PM
Rusty Regarding rear wheel horsepower, Motorcycle Consumer News (a US based monthly subscriber paid publication that does not accept advertising) tested the two bikes more than a year apart but presumably on the same dyno and reported 136.something for the GSXS and 129.something for the FZ-10.

But I am still stumped on the mileage thing.
12-28-2016 09:22 AM
Originally Posted by luc View Post
Once again you are so sure that you are right that you are not taking the time to try to understand someone else point, so let's rewind it a bit: ( purpose is to learn, not to get into a shooting match)

you said:
" What you can do is look at the charts and see an mt 10, at 6000 rpm is making about 50 hp. You can also see the Suzuki making way closer to 75 at the same point."
So basically your point was that the Suzuki was making much more horsepower ( 50% more) than the MT10 at 6000rpms.

My response to you was that I had a German dyno chart that showed both bikes doing about the SAME 80 horsepower at 6000rpms. That those horsepower were CV ( Cheval vapeur pour vous Monsieur) HP, or PS, is totally irrelevant to the point I was making: that they were the SAME on both bikes.

Furthermore, having been born and raised in Europe, I am keenly aware of the difference between Metric, SAE, MPH, KPH, CV, HP,PS, etc
I also know that PS and HP are so close from each other that the difference is negligible ( 1,4hp for every 100hp)

What both you and I missed was that those numbers were crank and not wheel HP but even that was irrelevant to the rebuttal of your point about HP at 6000rpm.

As for your comment that I was fooled by those high numbers, obviously not you because you are so much smarter, maybe you should re-read my post and you will find this comment that I made: "I don't believe those numbers for 1 second"

Frankly, with your answer, you are just digging a bigger hole for yourself

Luc, if you dont believe numbers that have been generated by professionals, as opposed to your seat of the pants impressions. seriously?

As long as the numbers were generated on an even playing field, whats there to not believe? Its about all we have showing the machines compared, under conditions as similar as possible.

You believed in them enough to quote them, and argue about it, but back out before making any sort of commitment.

Seat of the pants wont work, and has proven to be very inaccurate.

The mt 10 numbers are strange. The euro version appears to be quite a bit stronger than the American version. Not just on this chart, but everywhere.

If we take the ps chart, it is similar to a Suzuki.

This one is not even close. The link I post, here, is very similar to a cycle world chart (american) and Motorcycle Consumer news (american).

Ive seen that on a few American versions....Yamaha r1, cbr 1000, and now the mt 10.

On these three, American version, power above 9000-10000 just flattens out and finishes lower than the same bike in its euro configuration.

In ways though the argument between the suzuki and mt10 is ridiculous when one is priced 30% lower.

It would be very difficult to choose an mt 10 when the same money would buy a suzuki , full suspension, exhaust and ecu reflash.

Martin, again, as I said before, I've not given you a complete list of bikes I have owned, or currently own. I'm on a few forums and just dont see a good reason to offer my garage inventory in a public place.

Motorcycles are cheap I can have seven of them for the cost of one nice sports car, and I think thats one thing Luc and I do agree on. His list of what he has is very nice, and almost bike for bike what I have for myself.

I always liked this page with regards to hp, and I remember when that V max appeared just as everyone was getting dynos. Its interesting how one 1985 bike influences what we talk about now.
12-28-2016 02:46 AM
Rusty What I don't get is why the FZ-10 gets such crappy fuel mileage. I forget the test results I read but it's like: FZ-10 is Ave low to mid 30's and GSXS is low to mid 40's. it is a huge percentage difference. While I really don't care about gas money, I do care about range because I tend to ride in rural areas.

Edit: just found latest Motorcycle Consumer News. They report Ave fuel consumption of 27 mpg. Unbelievable. My Suzuki I know gets low 40's.
12-26-2016 06:48 AM
Vamp Hi Chuck, thanks I already knew crank was going to be around 175 but as it's not been measured didn't want yo quote that.

I decat'd the bike and went for a full yoshi ss headers into black metal/carbon end can, bmc airfilters, fitted a Rapidbike Evo fuel controller and a quick shifter.

I was having issues with snatch and constant throttle as a result of fuelling set up on my bike, so I had the ECM swapped out, which made it worse, then had the primary TPS adjusted, which it 90% better, then I bit the bullet and pushed the button on the above mods, and very glad I am too. The bike has lost all its niggles and with the extra power and QS it's an utter weapon now. This is how Suzuki should have supplied it, if they had nothing would compare.

Next mods are to replace black plastic parts with carbon ones, and continue to tweak the fuel controller and straighten the curves more.
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