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11-30-2019 12:18 PM
Originally Posted by Raised_On_H-Ds View Post
This should be an intro post in which I say how I got an awesome deal on a new '19 GSX-S1000 in beautiful white, but it's not. The deal was there... $11,099 out the door (including 8.5% tax, title, dealer fees, everything) - but I just couldn't pull the trigger. The wife is a bit hesitant to give her approval on the deal.

For a little background, as my username implies, I was raised on Harleys, learned to ride on a '91 softail at about 13 (my dad's). I didn't get my own first bike until about 25 though - a 2000 wide glide, which I eventually traded in for an '07 Softail, which I still own.

I'm 40 now and have three children, that are 1 1/2, 4, & 6 years old, so I can understand her concerns, but it really killed me to walk away from this deal. I'm still considering going back tomorrow and finalizing it. We'll see.

I had a couple of my own "concerns" though. I had read the transmission was geared with really close ratios, but this seemed very prevalent on my test ride today. Maybe it's my experience with only H-Ds but for the first several shifts I wasn't even sure I had actually up shifted, as the engine speed barely drops. Also, it seemed like it was really wailing at 85-90 mph on the freeway, like I kept thinking I should have an additional gear change available to bring the "cruising" engine speed down a tad. Yes, I know, I shouldn't be "cruising" at this speed, but I live in southern California, where people typically move pretty fast on the freeways. Even my 6-speed softail is pretty comfortable at this speed, though little harder to stay into the wind due to the ape hangers. Maybe this is partially due to me wanting to keep the GSX under 7k RPM since it's still in the break-in period.

Do you all think final drive ratio changes would address these gearing concerns at all, even if only slightly?

What do you all think of this out the door price which is basically right at MSRP, with the current Suzuki rebate essentially covering tax and title for me?

Hopefully soon I can do a proper intro post, with pics of the new beast parked in the garage, next to the old Softail dinosaur.
As others have mentioned you can get a new 2017/2018 model for under 10k (its no HD/Ducati). The gearing is indeed short and very much unlike your Softail. On my Victory I don't get to 6th gear unless I am doing 65-70 mph where as on my GSXS I find myself in 6th just around 50 mph but that is typical of sport bikes with inline fours. I am in the same demographic as you (close to 40 with elementary school aged kids) and your wife's concern is very valid. Just make sure you have good life insurance. You are lucky as CA is probably the best state for riding bikes (weather, lane splitting etc.). I am in the NE and it sucks here.
11-29-2019 07:08 PM
My Name Is Jeff Itís true what Frog is saying about BMW.
They seem to have a lot of problems with the electronics the funniest story I read was a rider
bought a brand new S1000R and started having problems with the electronics and had that bike
in the shop for repairs and the mechanic couldnít fix it so bmw flew one of their tech team to the USA to
Fix the bike and he couldnít fix it either.
So BMW ended up giving him a brand new bike!
Now just imagine you had that bike and all this happened after the warranty had run out?
Iím not trying to talk you into the gsxs either just keep looking and you will find the bike for you
Have you looked at a MT01? They rev low....
11-29-2019 04:01 PM
frog4aday I think you picked the right bike for what you want (sporty but comfortable) and your first impressions are right on the money; it is tightly geared and it is geared 'too low' for high speed freeway droning. I noticed the exact same things on my first 150 mile day on the bike. The easiest 'fix' is to put an 18T sprocket up front. Makes it seems more 'right' for all around riding. If you were just doing city rides or constantly attacking the twisties, I'd agree with others to just leave it be and don't worry about the RPMs (the engine doesn't mind all.) But since it sounds like you'll be doing some freeway time, an 18T front sprocket will get the bike to the sweet spot you are looking for.

I also want to reiterate what @gixxerjasen said, keep shopping. These bikes are easy to find used with low miles for thousands of dollars less. There are probably some left-over models of earlier year bikes to be found new, too, for less money. The thing is, you are in California and the taxes are high there so your 'deal' isn't actually that far off (the price you are telling us is the out-the-door-everything price.) Most people just think about what the bike cost and fail to account for the taxes, title, and tags that go on top of that. Here is what I think might happen - the dealer may call you in a few days or weeks to sweeten the deal. It happens. You were THIS close to buying. They want your money and business. They would be smart to reach out to you and offer you an even better price fairly soon. At which point you know it is fate and you should buy the bike and enjoy it. It really is a hoot to ride. Great torque (for a sportbike). Very fast. And the brakes are excellent, too.

Keep us posted. And - not to p-i-s-s off the BMW riders amongst us - but those bikes are money pits. The top 4 most reliable machines are the Japanese makes with Yamaha and Suzuki at the top, Honda is next, followed by Kawasaki. After that, reliability goes down hill from there. This was from a 2015 Consumer Reports list going from best to worst. BMW did NOT do very well (second from LAST, with only Can-Am being worse!) Just saying...
11-29-2019 11:57 AM
Raised_On_H-Ds Due partially to all of the great advice I've gotten here, and partially to my wife's good advice, I've decided to slow down and expand the search a bit here.

At the moment I've started exploring used BMW R1200Rs and S1000XRs, though the latter of those to a lesser extent since it seems like maybe I'd be more at home on a somewhat lower revving machine, and honestly probably don't really need the 150-160 bhp the 1000s offer up. The BMW dealer nearby has a pre-owned copy of each of these though, so I plan to head over there and test ride them both once the current rain storm passes through.

Thanks again for all the input here. It has been extremely helpful. And although the test ride I manged to get on the GSX-S1000 was a major BLAST (thanks Del Amo South Bay), I think I may seek out something a touch more subdued for my first "sporty" type bike. Time will tell...
11-27-2019 12:23 PM
Jorider61 I would shop around like other people posted . it sounds like you're not use to inline 4's after riding big twins for so long. They wail out a bit at speed but most high powered motorcycles will do that. Don't worry about that after a while you will LOVE it.
11-27-2019 10:15 AM
oldjackbob ROHD, I geared my F model taller by going one tooth bigger on the front sprocket and one tooth smaller in the rear (an added benefit of that combo is that I didn't need to re-adjust the chain tensioners afterwards). I also swapped for a 190/55 tire on the rear. Overall gearing is now much more highway-friendly. Also, highway fuel economy has improved about 10%. First gear is now admittedly rather tall, but that's only a bit of an issue in stop-and-go traffic, which I hardly ever encounter. Btw, my F model will do 85-90 mph for extended periods quite comfortably, wind blast is not the problem at those speeds that it would be on a naked.
As far as whether the S1000 is right for you, it just does so many things very well - it's a natural choice for sport-oriented riding or just easy putting around town, or even commuting - I commute on mine (it's an awesome commuter) and then just ride like a slowpoke on weekend day-rides (I'm too old to be ripping around like an idiot on a 150 horse machine).
11-26-2019 10:27 PM
twag4 Get one, but a better deal could be had. You have a bike for comfort. This is actually my comfy bike. I have ridden 300-400 miles in a hit, just stopping for gas. Search out a better deal, but get one if you can convince the wifey!
11-26-2019 08:46 PM
hugojose Like Slower said….something like a Bandit 1250, or similar, is more of what you would want. This one is based on racer....the may not be so radical, softened for the streets, but it shows the DNA....and it is not exactly user friendly....
11-26-2019 08:01 PM
Originally Posted by Slower and Slower View Post
Welcome ROHD's,
How many bike's will be in the Garage then ? You can only ride 1 at a time as you know. I've bought multiple bikes simultaneously, but always found one bike was the preferred one, and the other just had to be ridden for the sake of it.
Sounds like your pressed for time with a young Family, and you'll be shelling out money every payday for a depreciating asset.

I presume you are looking at the Naked, or is it an F ?
I find with my Naked, that I would never be comfortable riding at those Freeway speeds that you quoted. A stock F would be pressed as well with the stock screen.

The Naked is a very much a point and squirt sort of bike, brake and squirt again, a race replica with bars, hence the close gearbox ratio's. (Any canyon's in Calif ?)

That's what I use mine for, it's not a Suzuki Bandit or a Hayabusa.
They may be what your after if I could suggest them to you, especially the 'Busa if you want to tour on a sportsbike or the Bandit 1250 if you want the bars and a very upright ride.Both have greater wind protection over the GSX-S.

Just saw your response, Slower. It would be bike #2 , at least for now. And I suspect the old HD would not get much play time at that point. Due to the family situation I will not be doing much touring in the next decade. My bikes are more for short blasts around town, and probably some canyon time for the suzi, of which there are plenty around these parts.

I was looking at the naked. I've never ridden a bike with a fairing or windscreen, and my bikes have always run ape hangers on top of that, so I am pretty accustomed to the wind blast. This bike actually felt much easier to keep into the wind on due to the leaned forward seating position and lower bars.
11-26-2019 07:46 PM
Originally Posted by Slower and Slower View Post
Welcome ROHD's,
I find with my Naked, that I would never be comfortable riding at those Freeway speeds that you quoted. A stock F would be pressed as well with the stock screen.
I thought the same for my naked when I first got it. Especially switching back and forth with the FJR and it's fairing and giant windscreen. In fact, I most enjoy the GSX-S off the highway. However, it only took a few commutes to work before I was comfortable with those speeds with the naked. Maybe, just maybe, even a little faster on the Texpress lanes in the morning.
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