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  1. For Sale Booster Plug

    Suzuki GSXS 1000 Parts
    Boosterplug for sale , Pictures uploaded Later Works fine , but opted for a RapidBike ECU Tuning Module
    £35 GBP
  2. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    I have been looking to get mu ECU flashed so I can get rid of this engine breaking, have my fan turn on at a lower temp as well as get the exhaust servo eliminated. Does anybody know a good place to send my ecu to? Thanks for any help you may have to offer.
  3. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    Hello All, I am having an issue with my bike(2018 gsxs) shaking in first gear and low rpms. When i try to keep the bike moving between 10-15mph it shakes abruptly. See video. The idle now fluctuates from 1000-1250 rpm intermittently. It used to stay at 1000rpm. I installed new headers, blocked...
1-3 of 3 Results