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  1. Exhaust & Headers
    I recently installed a full CS Racing Exhaust. Upon first fire up I didn’t install the DB killer in the bike but I noticed the idle going from 1000 to 1200 RPM. Almost like surging. The mods done to my bike are, CS Exhaust, “Air Box Mod”, Exhaust servo eliminated, Block off Plates Pair Valve and...
  2. Suzuki GSXS 1000 Troubleshooting
    Hey guys, last night I installed the dominator decat mid pipe, took out the servo valve and installed the servo eliminator. When I went to turn the bike on to test it doesn’t say neutral and just says “check” in the bottom left corner. I did take the battery out for this so that there was no...
  3. Suzuki GSXS 1000 Parts
    So I've been searching this forum like crazy about the decat and full exhaust comparisons. I have the understanding that the full exhaust will give you the most power but what is the actual difference in sound between a full exhaust and the decat with the cat fully removed. I was looking at a...
1-3 of 3 Results