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  1. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    Hi, I recently purchased a new 2022 GSXS1000 (my previous bike was a 2001 katana 750). I picked it up last week, and now I am looking to upgrade the exhaust. I love the sound of the Yoshimura Alpha Series. However, I couldn't confirm if it would fit on my bike. I also looked at the R11 and the...
  2. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    So I recently installed the Ixil SX1 Full system on the gixxes and was amazed by how bad the fitment is. 1.Header touches radiator fan which melted the fan a tiny bit (had to put spacers between the mounting point of the bracket that holds the lower end of the radiator to push it further away...
1-2 of 2 Results