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  1. Suzuki GSXS-1000 GT General Discussion
    Hello ppl. I was wondering why noone post pics or video of instalation of givi top case rack on gt? Or just how it looks instaled? Even on givi site there is no pics of that. Is it just me, or someone else think its strange? I would like to see how its looks on the bike, without side cases...
  2. Suzuki GSXS 1000 Parts
    Sold! I'm toying with the idea of selling my luggage. I no longer commute to an office, am doing fewer multi-day trips, and am enjoying the occasional trackday. Everything is sitting in the original boxes now and I'm not sure I'll reinstall at this point. Part of me says, "keep it for someday...
  3. GSXS 1000 Appearance and Modifications
    Hi guys, new to the forum but some useful feeds so I’ll have a bash with my own quandary Anyone experience of mods to fix givi pannier racks with evotech tail tidy? The EP TT is a really neat solution but the alloy plate fits flush to the underside of the tail and so some fettling will be...
  4. GSXS 1000 Appearance and Modifications
    Hi all, I may be the exception, but I recently removed my givi tanklock adaptor after a year or so of use and found that the adaptor itself had worn through some clearcoat and marked the tank around the filler cap.
1-4 of 4 Results