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  1. Suzuki GSXS 1000 Maintenance
    Heya guys and gals, Just changed the coolant on my bike so figured would be a good time to do a run through for any of you wanting some extra confidence tackling it. If there's any feedback or incorrect information, by all means let me know!
  2. GSXS 1000 Appearance and Modifications
    Hey, I wanna change my bike over to black eventually but I’m guessing fairings would be a lot of money from the dealer! GSX-S1000F
  3. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    Hi everyone! I have a katana than I've been modifying since I purchased it earlier this year, and one of the final touches was supposed to be an SC Project S1 muffler. I finally received the pipe and when installing it everything went on perfectly except the bracket didn't line up (it angles...
1-3 of 3 Results