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  1. GSXS 1000 Appearance and Modifications
    Hello, I am wondering if anyone knows if this is possible or where to buy Katana fairings or third party made fairings. I truly love the 80's styling of the new katana and want to mod my gsx-s1000 to have a similar look. I am interested in installing 2020+ headlight as well because i don't...
  2. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    I want to attempt changing the throttle tube to see if it stops the snatchy throttle. Can someone confirm that this is the correct one before I buy? £23.84 on eBay unless you know of a place that’s cheaper 😬 imbedded link ➡️ 57110-07L00-000. thank in advance people , much appreciated 👍
1-2 of 2 Results