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  1. GSXS1000 News
    Been emailing back & forth with guy(Daniel) from Dano's, I guess they are getting ready to release some velocity stacks for the GSXS1000 & other bikes. If you look on his site he already offers them for a few bikes. Another +4-5 hp up top😎🤙🏼 He will be offering revised flashes with tunes...
  2. Suzuki GSX S1000F General Discussion
    Hi I got a 2018 gsxs 1000 abs. It’s under warranty because I got it in the fall as new old stock. It throws codes and service engine lights all the Time. The code is F-I with a underlying code of over rev and abs. They cleared everything and it ran great but as soon as it warmed up it threw...
1-2 of 2 Results