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  1. What did you do to your GSXS 1000 today?
    Removed the stock mirrors. I think they have an insect antenna look to them. All I did was flip the old mounts. I drilled into the cheap plastic piece instead of into the expensive fairing. They held in place at 130mph allegedly...wink...wink. The mirrors are cheap knock off gsxr style mirrors...
  2. GSXS 1000 General Discussion
    Hey everyone. I purchased a set of Motogadget Mo.View Flight. The thing is, i havent installed a pair of bar end mirrors before. I just unscrewed the OEM bar ends, and its just a hole into the bar, theres nothing for the mirror to clamp onto. Can someone point me in the direction of which...
  3. GSXS 1000 Appearance and Modifications
    Just finished installing a set of Kuryakyn Phantom bar end mirrors in gloss black. $160 CDN on Amazon. First off, the quality is amazing. These are really built well. The swivel in the mirror head socket is very firm.... you have to give it a good tug to reposition it. The optics are crystal...
1-3 of 3 Results