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1st service done.

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So she went in for her first service today, apparently it was supposed to be a 2hr job but suzuki haven't issued the worksheet for it so they did a standard ltr superbike 1st service on it seeing as it's basically the same engine and bike parts. Also had the recall part fitted to the rad hose. Now i can unleash the pony's >:D>:D next job is to order the tail tidy and HM quickshifter :D:D
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Yesterday paied 203 Euro with Bardhal XTS...not cheaper at all....:|
There is nothing to it.... Save your money and do it yourself.

...and if you a big problem...who will pay??
Warranty or you?
You save 250 USD but I think is better do the service at suzuki dealer...
Stromer, you are right, but the things here in Italy goes different about the two year warranty.
I also know how most dealer pays for things they don't clear/change.
In my past CBR 954 RR, bought with 18000 km from dear my friend, air filter was never changed but my friend payed for it (he show me the paper).

I'm sorry if my language is very bad but I know what you mean...believe me.
Every service they made I re-check all because I don't thrust in what service do...or better...what they say to do.
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