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1st service done.

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So she went in for her first service today, apparently it was supposed to be a 2hr job but suzuki haven't issued the worksheet for it so they did a standard ltr superbike 1st service on it seeing as it's basically the same engine and bike parts. Also had the recall part fitted to the rad hose. Now i can unleash the pony's >:D>:D next job is to order the tail tidy and HM quickshifter :D:D
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Your talking about the 1,000 kms (or the equivalent in miles) service, right?
Isn't that free? Every other bike I've had, including my 2010 Suzuki M109 first service was free! Do I need to pay for this one?
Bugger, mines in at the moment being done as I type...
If they do hit you up, let us know for how much. I'm expecting $200-ish.
1st service is not free. $340 for the F in Peter Stevens Melbourne. Naked should be a little cheaper. Maybe?? If you want Motul then you pay more. I pretty much got mine free with a deal they done when I bought it though.
That sounds a bit steep for an oil change and look over. Did they itemise the work?
Well,that sounds reasonable. Thanks, I have some idea of what to expect.
First service completed. $199aud at the dealership. Pretty happy with that.
Yep, Motul 10-40 mineral. Not great, not terrible, I was planning on doing a change myself midway to the 6k service so I'm not fussed about it.
1 - 5 of 37 Posts
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