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I recently purchased here from phuketpaul. (You can probably still see his original for sale post)Ecu is flashed for headers, decat. Has been derestricted. Unified timming. quick shift enabled. I had on my original bike. (I now have a 2018 so can not use). You CAN use your original keys.

Ecu was originally from a bike with an evap system. If your bike has one then no problem. If bike does not you will have to place a resistor between 2 pins on the ecu harness to eleminate the c62 error code. If you dont care about the code then you dont have to do anything as it will not affect performance.

Plug and play...i would keep for new bike but l8 has a different harness

Was a huge difference....cant wait to flash the new bike.

Asking $275

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