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A look at how the GSX S1000 compares to the competition

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We don't have specs or dyno charts for the Suzuki GWX S1000 yet, but we do have information on its sibling the GSX R1000 which uses the same engine. With that information, I've put together a little look at how the GSX S1000 will compare to its main rivals. The bikes I'll be talking about here are the BMW S1000R, Aprilia Tuono V4 R ABS, Kawasaki Z1000 ABS and MV Augusta Brutale 1090 RR.

First, the Kawasaki Z1000 ABS. This bike costs $11,999 and is a very aggressive bike. Though its smaller than other bikes in the segment, it is dense, the heaviest bike of the ones in this article at 485 lbs. When put on the dyno it has a spread of low-end and mid-range power with its peak coming at 7,600 rpm. It has great engine sound and character, amazing fuel mileage with a range of 167 miles and all that for a pretty affordable price. The negatives are that it doesn't have the most sports performance, he suspension can be harsh and power fades at the top-end.

Next up is the Brutale 1090RR. This bike costs considerably more than the last at $18,998. Its curb weight comes in at 480 lbs. Dyno testing shows this bike arriving at the highest rpm (10,000). It has a short first gear, but lacks top-end horsepower. The Brutale 1090 RR has excellent brakes and ABS calibration as well as a big range. On the downside, it is pretty pricey, can be uncomfortable for tall riders and doesn't have that much torque.

Here's the BMW S1000 R. This bike will cost you around $14,950 and weighs 457 lbs. A defining feature of the bike is its asymmetrical headlights. The bars sit further from the rider than on most bikes. Couple that with the optional heated grips, cruise control and Dynamic Damping Control and you've got one comfortable bike. It has great bottom and middle range power, and continues the good work right up into the top range. Fuel consumption is 34.4 mpg and with a small tank the bike has a fairly short range at 158 miles. This bike is light, comfortable and a good ride. The front brakes are a bit sensitive and it has limited range.

Finally there is the Tuono V4R ABS. It costs $14,499 and weighs in at 478 lbs. Its styling is is a bit controversial, but I'd say its not quite as good looking as some its rivals. With a longer wheelbase it is a bit more difficult to corner, but the bike is extremely comfortable. On the dyno it has peak torque at 75.45 lb-ft at 9500 revs and great top-end horsepower at 150.9 hp at 11,900 rpm. This bike has a great engine and sporty handling. Its first gear is a bit tall and the instrument panel is kinda ugly.

Now we have this dyno chart that shows you all 4 of these bikes compared to one another.

And then there is this dyno chart for the Suzuki GSX R1000 which should be pretty close to the same results as the GSX S1000.

The GSX R1000 has a weight of 448 lbs which makes it lighter than the other bikes on the list. It has a smooth build up when revving and rushes to 13,300 rpm. Fuel efficiency comes in at 35.7 mpg and the bike will take you 164.2 miles on a single tank. Now all this is for a GSX S1000 cousin. Number on the bike may not actually end up like this, but the engine is the same so it should be something similar.

What else do you guys see when comparing all these bikes?
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Will be intersting to see the pricing of the GSXS1000, compared to the Euro bikes it should be a bargain. And the Z1000 is downright ugly ;)
Not bad at all. Good comparison.
From the looks of it the GSXS1000 seems to be a good alternative.
The GSXS has the highest horsepower of the bikes listed here. That has to count for something. Guess it also depends on the bike's weight.
The GSXS has the highest horsepower of the bikes listed here. That has to count for something. Guess it also depends on the bike's weight.
no the GSXR does....

for sure the GSXS1000 will use a detuned version as the GSR750 did with gixxer 750.

Also gearing/power delivery will be different...
Good comparison, thanks for posting.

I was seriously considering getting the S1000R for quite some time, it ticked all the boxes for me (apart from the gross exhaust collector/catalytic converter). But in the end I decided to give it a miss. Main reasons were my local BMW dealership weren't very helpful (and to be honest snobby) and according to owner forums a lot of people are having issues during the running in period on the S1000R (engine stalling in particular).

I don't know about the other people on this forum but I have owned one euro bike and it was the worst mistake I made. I purchased a brand new Benelli TnT R160 in 2013 and had radiator, starting/fuelling and battery issues. The bike dumped all of it's engine coolant at the lights when I stopped at the lights straight after I bought it. In the end the dealership refunded me with a new Yamaha FZ1 :). I just can't bring myself to buy another Euro bike.

No offense to Euro bikes, but that was just my experience :)
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I hear that BMW bikes are really not great quality which is annoying since they are so expensive. I think that a Yamaha or Suzuki would be much better quality. BMW is just the pretty emblem.
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