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Aftermarket windscreen installation-frustration-success.

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Hello. First of all, I want to apologize for not having any pictures available to post.
Installing my new WRS touring screen was supposedly an easy project that quickly turned into an exercise in emotional intelligence management. Turns out, I still suck at it.
Taking pictures was the last thing on my mind, but if you're about to install a new windscreen, these tips will make your project a really easy one. Also, it will spare you from realizing you too, probably suck at E.I.

So, I'll try to be as brief and clear as possible.

DISCLAIMER: If someone has a better method, please share. I couldn't find much information on how-to around here.

1 -Windscreen is attached to the front fairing with rubber wellnuts or grommets, as you prefer to call them.
2- Remove the four screws and firmly pull the OEM windscreen out. You'll notice those screws are not tight at all, no need for a ratchet.
3- Screen is out, but the rubber wellnuts are still in the fairing. That's good.
Watch out for the four washers, don't lose them.

4- Each wellnut will set you back $6.93 US dollars (plus about $10 in shipping). You'll need four.
5- Using your existing wellnuts will save you about $40 dollars and the wait.

6-Wellnuts must be removed from the motorcycle first in order to install your new windscreen (no, you cannot and should not fix the screen with those pieces in their current place).
7-Wellnuts don't like to be removed from the front, they will break so you'll have to push them back into the black plastic support to remove them (here lies the problem).
8- If you push them through, there's a very big fat chance of them not falling off to the ground and will live happily ever after inside your front fairing not to be seen anymore. Oh, you'll hear them rattle all right, though.

9-Wellnuts need their screw inserted to be able to elongate and then be able to push them through, but before doing so you'll need to find a way to retrieve them once they've gone thru.
10- Before doing anything, run a thin, long piece of cord (or wire) thru the hole of the wellnut and into the depths of the fairing. Keep the upper end of the cord firmly attached to the handlebar or any other securing point.
11- Retrieve the end of the cord (close to the front tire, or even close to the ground) and tie a nut, a washer or anything with a hole that has some weight to it to act as a catching element.
12- Insert the screw just a few turns into the wellnut and gently push untill it's gone inside. It will not fall down yet, as the screw is still attached, so don't worry.
13-Unscrew and retrieve the screw. Let the wellnut go down.

Now comes the tricky part:

12- The bottom two wellnuts will kinda easily fall down to the bottom of the cord with minor juggling. Retrieve them, untie the washer and voilá, you got to keep and reuse your grommet. Now let's do the next ones. Go to step 10.

Now comes the really, really tricky part:

13- The upper wellnuts will need to be cajoled into falling down the cord. Especially the one to your right (you're looking at your bike from the front, aren't you?).
Wiring in that part of the fairing is much denser, so expect to spend extra time retrieving that one. Don't think because you already got three out, you're ready to celebrate just yet.

14- Get that one out.
15- Celebrate.
16- Didn't work? Go get a cup of tea or coffee.

When you're ready to try again, go to number 14. Did it work? Go to step 17.

Congratulations! You have your four rubber grommets out.

Now you're ready to begin installation.

17- With the new windscreen on your lap, or on your bed, or on your worktable, install the four wellnuts until they're flush with the screen (remember, with the screw inserted just a few turns in again). Take out the screws.
18- Place the screen in your fairing, put the four washers, place the screws, push firmly and hand tight, don't overtight as the plastic will break.

Take pictures and share with your friends.
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