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Another New Member from Australia

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Hey Guys (or should I say G'Day?)

I'm from Queensland, Australia & although the last bike I owned, a GSXR-600, was a fair while ago back in 2008, I'm really looking forward to finally test riding the GSXS-1000.

At this stage, I'm looking at buying the red & black, although I'll wait until I see it in real life.. Who knows, blue or grey might look better..

Awesome site though.. Looking forward to getting to know some people & more about the bike that we're all here for!

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Hello and welcome.
I managed to have a quick blast on mine earlier after a 4 day lay off due to weather. It's still puts a massive smile on my face.
Welcome back to two wheels mate, hope you get your GSXS soon as
Welcome! Keep us updated on your progress!
Welcome from the other side of the World :) (Belgium)
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