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Hello from the great wet north! BC lower mainland-ian has been ogling the the GSX-S1000 ever since my Dorsoduro 750 crapped one of its MAP sensors mid-intersection and had to be towed to a dealer (about a month). It was actually very good for 50Kkm, but I'm ready to release her and try something new.
I've owned many Suzukis, because they seem to make bikes I like... mostly dirt flavored models: from DRZ to DL1000.
I came from dirt background, and still keep a couple of dualsports - but now, would rather go find new twisted asphalt for my thrills!

Glad to see the PCV is out and solves the commute drive-ability issues that some owners noticed. I'll be looking at that, along with rear shock and light touring equipment. :laugh:
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