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Be Careful when purchasing parts or tools

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Hi All, while I was away on holiday in Spain I received and email from someone saying " am I still interested in purchasing a Healtech OBD tool", if so I have mate who is selling one here is his email address. I was unable to access this forum from my iPad as hadn't used it b4, emailed the chap to find out the score, it turned out, I believe to be a scam so be carful out there, after telling him no longer interested got another email trying the same approach. It was only the fact I was persistent with asking questions which he avoided answering that he started to get pushy, (assume it's a he but it could have been a her). at home now and no trace of any name he used on here and this is the only place I have looked into an OBD tool.
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Sad but true
I am glad to hear that you didn’t get hooked.
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