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Belly pan

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I would have them painted to match the factory gloss black fairings, but they look great! There's another picture around here somewhere of a new naked bike with the older belly pan on it and it looks fantastic. Much nicer looking then the new belly pan.
I think this one looks good, too. Has a cool race look to it and cleans up the look of the bottom of the bike.

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Tire Wheel Fuel tank Automotive lighting Vehicle
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Who sells that?
S2 Concepts. I believe they're a French company. That belly pan is part of their race fairing set, which is what's installed on the bike in those pictures. You can see the headlight cover, race tail fairing, windscreen, etc. They may sell just the belly pan, but you'd have to reach out to them and ask. I think it looks awesome.
Looks great! That's the original from the later model? I ordered this one from s2 yesterday :)

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That one definitely looks better than the factory one. Does it come painted to match or do you need to have it painted yourself?
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