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Belly pan

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Nice job bro By the way have u got an FI light with your full system ?
Thank you for the compliments.
I bought the belly pan from AliExpress 4 pieces for 108.00.
3 brackets from Ron Ayer’s for 50.00. Installation was Really easy , like 10 minutes. I installed the exhaust myself and sent my Ecu to Danos and when I re-Installed the Ecu I had 5 codes but I erase them easily with a code reader.
Hi my bro thanks what is your code eraser please?
This errors are they coming back on your bike ?
I think i have buy this one
Sleeve Font Auto part Plastic Transparency

in the middle for nothing errors are still here C00 when i turn my smart moto FI eraser on 😤
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1 - 2 of 23 Posts