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Hello fellow riders,

I've had my 2020 GSX-S1000F since dealer new. I'm approaching 9000KM and have followed all maintenance guidelines. My bike is modified with a few of the extras:

1. CS Racing full racing exhaust.
2. No catalytic converter installed.
3. HealTech Servo Eliminator
4. Healtech Quick Shifter
5. Power Commander V
6. K&N Oil Filter (not really a mod at all)
7. K&N Race Air Filter
8. Modified air-intake (restrictor plate removed, straight bore air flow (ram air)to the air box).
9. Custom dyno-tuned tune applied to the PCV.

Running recommended fuel - Premium (Japan fuel for not normal unleaded).

Motor oil is Yamalube pure synthetic, changed regularly.
Spark plugs have been the same since bought new (NGK iridium)

The bike is in great condition and is ridden each day to and from work with the occasional ride on the weekends up in the mountains.

The bike has never been dropped or damaged.

Today I was riding in a slow 40KM/H street. I was in 2nd gear going about 50KM/H. As I approached a stop sign I slowed down in second (letting off the gas and lightly braking). The bike made a loud back-fire and shutdown with no error codes displayed. (Back-firing is not unusual for my bike on deceleration).

I hold the clutch in and come to a stop safely. I inspect my bike, nothing is a miss, except the bike aint running no more and the radiator was on full blast (indicating overheating maybe?) I started the bike first try and proceeded to limp it home (about 600m away). It turned off yet again, exact same scenario.

This time I got off completely and inspected the bike once over, checking for any leaks or damage. The bike remained at full blast with the radiator fan. The engine and even the frame felt extremely hot to touch.

My first guess is that the overheating caused pressure or a problem with the fuel? I opened the tank and didn't notice any sound of air.

I let the bike rest a bit and rode it safely back to my house where it pretended nothing happened.

I have emailed my mechanic, waiting on their response... right now though I'm worried about my bike and wondering if anyone here has advice or a possible solution to my issue?

Thank you.

2015 GSX-S1000 ABS
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Have you still got any coolant in it.?
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