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I have a set of Bonamici Rearsets for sale. $390 shipped to the CONUS, lower 48. Box and original parts diagram included.

They were installed for 3 months and 1,200 miles of use. The available footpeg positions were just too high for my liking so I switched to Sato Racing rearsets. I have a 32" inseam and my knees were getting sore from the lowest possible positions while on long rides. Perhaps a shorter rider would find these more comfortable.

The footpeg positions:
Adjustable Forward (-) & Back (+) : Stock, +10mm, +20mm, +30mm
Adjustable Down (-) & Up (+) : +30mm, +40mm, +50mm
The lowest positions possible are 30mm up from stock, so Stock & +30mm up, +10mm back & +30mm up, etc.

Note: Some modifications may be needed for the brake side. See below

Required: Hydraulic brake light switch. This rearset doesn't have a brake light switch bracket for the stock switch.

Recommended: Aftermarket brake line if you have a non-ABS model like me. The stock brake line doesn't fit well to the new orientation of the master cylinder. The MC will be tilted forward and the stock banjo bends upwards so it could contact the subframe or just look awkward. I went with a Spiegler rear brake line and it fit perfectly as well as a brake reservoir delete. The stock rubber hose to the reservoir was a little difficult to work with. Tygon tube resolved the issue but I preferred the delete. (See photos)
If you have an ABS model, I don't think the stock brake line will be an issue.

Note: Two of the bolts provided by Bonamici were a tad too long and protruded beyond the master cylinder support bracket, making marks on the underlying back plate. You can see the them in one of the photos below. I replaced them with shorter bolts to resolve the issue. The original bolts were M5x12, and replaced with M5x10. The original bolts will be included.

Also, the footpegs, heel guard on gear shift side, pedal tips, and exhaust bracket are still bolted on with Loctite. I haven't had a chance to get to a vice to remove them.

Feel free to ask me any questions!

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Automotive tire Rolling Automotive design Font Bicycle part
Wheel Automotive tire Tire Bicycle part Alloy wheel

Stock brake side Non-ABS model (for reference)
Tire Automotive tire Automotive lighting Hood Vehicle brake

Stock brake line and reservoir hose fitment. Replaced with Tygon tubing.
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Motorcycle Vehicle
Motor vehicle Automotive tire Hood Blue Automotive design

Marks on the back plate from the bolts that were too long.
Audio equipment Font Office equipment Auto part Bumper

Shorter bolts, M5x10, installed in the plate that holds the master cylinder support bracket.
Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Carbon Motorcycle accessories


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