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Candy Daring Red paint

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So I took my seat cowl to a local body shop to have it colour matched in Candy Daring Red (YYG) and it looks like no one has the paint yet... even RS Bike Paints don't list it and they normally have everything!

Before I resort to removing a panel to have it matched, does anyone know of anywhere that can supply this colour?
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You can't remove panels, won't the wind blow you off sweetheart? >:D
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Bad news on the paint front. The guy I took it to can't find a supplier with the right colour. He said that he could have it matched if I took a panel off, but it's unlikely to be a close enough match to have colour next to colour. (red seat cowl next to red tail section)

He's pretty sure he can get Glass Sparkle Black as it's an older colour. So it looks like I'm going to have to decide between black, or red if I get the tail painted at the same time. :(
Thats bad news, I was kinda hoping to see your candy red seat cowl in order to make my mind up between going black or red with mine. I might just wait until the red becomes available and see how others turn out. Still a bummer not having that colour available though.

Painted by myself plastic primer use fine silver base paint and a candy red top coat plus lacquer

Before final rub down of lacquer to get the orange peel look

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Nice job! Thanks for posting, now I've seen yours I'm thinking the black looks just as good so I'll probably be keeping it that way.

Have you put anything over the front where it's going to contact with your riding gear? I've use some paint protection film, but I'm also toying with the idea of a small, custom made rubber pad.
Not at the moment need to find some quality foam before I go down that root
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