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Clutch lever options for GSX s1000 GT

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I am having a hard time finding clutch lever upgrade options for my GT. All the options from ASV are sold out (have been for a while now?) and I recently tried a clutch lever from CRG that did not fit upon install :(

I am wondering if this part will work?

If that isn't it, do you guys have any recommendations on what to get, or maybe where to start looking?
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Just wait I would recommend, my asv shorties on this bike are phenomenal. I was the test fitter for their levers. So I would just wait
I just bought ASV levers for my GT, directly from ASV. Some color combination are backordered a week or two, but you can e-mail them and they'll tell you what's available. I got black levers with blue adjusters, took only a few days to have them delivered (in the US). I like ASV a little more than CRG because of the much finer adjustment.
I would get the levers from Aliexpress. The previous owner put shorty levers on my bike which I'm not a fan of, but the quality and precision is high and the cost is about $30 for both.
I like CRG levers, and they're made in the US- but Horgh is right a finer adjustment would be nice.

On my '22;

CRG 2AN-521-T-B for brake
CRG 2AN-614-T-B for clutch
Buy once cry once
Asv is all I buy. Shortie
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