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Comparison BMW s1000r, KTM DUKE, gsx-s1000 PS magazine

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If anyone is interested I can send him an comparison test between those three bikes. Only problem is it is in German language. But hey today u have tools on internet to help u with translations. I think it's a 16 mb pdf therefore I didn't uploaded it. So feel free to ask. (Just write me your email)
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Here are the most important ones from the test
And the last one...
Hmmm, if I wanted another naked, I think the S1000R may have been a tough choice to make... because I wanted something with a bit of fairing this time it was between the GSX-S1000F and Z1000SX for me. (S1000XT is a bit too enduro)

I'm not surprised by the results, but it probably doesn't make good reading for the marketing guys at Suzuki GmbH!
I wanted to buy a naked last year when z1000 camed out. I had a test ride on it but wasnt sure so i rent it for a whole day drove it on regular roads, mountain twists, fast highway corners and gues what? I didnt buy it. Because it had too short gears to hard susspension, seat is after some km rock hard and u get every single bump to ur spine. The throthle is snachy as he..(on off). In fast corners the chassis gets twisted. When u seat on it u have to look down to see the speedometer.
When u see it on the street u cant tell if its an scooter or not( and it looks small for a liter bike.
Im 181cm).
Otherwise its a great bike!! hahahaha
Ooo and after few km when he,s warmed up it dont like to start so easily.

For the Z1000sx (same bike as Z1000) i think i can tell u my friend was test ride it and he came to same conclusion regarding twisted chassis. Other things we didnt talk about bcs. when i heard this also from him i was done listening.(but its always a question what is ur riding style and what are ur personal preferences.

My last bike was a CBR954RR. I know its a difference between this two but there are just too many for me.

I seated on s1000r, ktm duke1290, tuono v4 and gsx-s1000 on the same day and i can tell u (just my opinion) i felt immediately well only on suzuki and maybe KTM.

- S1000r i think its a great bike but just too ugly for my taste and its just an s1000rr without fairings and with higher bars otherweis great. reliability is a question!??

- Ktm is a power horse (regarding tests suzuki was faster on each one of them "max speed excluded" despite of less ps and more stable at speed) but i dont realy like the looks and u dont know if its a super moto or street fighter, or what it is??! and price is high. reliabilty of Ktm i dont wanna even start that...

- Tuono V4 i dont know much except it should be excelent but when i seat on it i didnt felt at home at all in comparison to suzuki where u seat in the bike and not on it( that was in the same store-dealer)

So when i have the suzuki ill write here my honest opinion on it bad or good. i hope good. looool but u never know.
I think suzuki is for me the best option the market has to offer at this time and in near future therefore i buy it and i didnt want to drive speed bikes no more(i hope suzi will help calm me down on speeding. hahaha).

all of above written is only my opinion on the bikes mentioned so i didnt want to offend anyone who owns this bikes.

Drive fast, drive safe!!!! cheers
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Comparison ?

Here's some thoughts

UK Prices :-

KTM £14k
BMW £11.5k
Aprilia £12.5k
Suzuki ABS £9.5 k

It looks like the Suzuki is about 10bhp down on the others (20 on KTM), as there are a number of reports that it is showing a real 160 bhp at the crank and around 145-150 at the back wheel (wait until the tuning industry gets their fingers on it too !).

I read a report in MCN also, where they unsurprisingly rated the KTM at the top, but it costs about 4-5k more. This is no small sum.

I know I'm biased, I ordered the Suzuki, it made me grin like a complete loon ! But come on, it costs £9.5k for the ABS naked, it's a no-nonsense bike, uncomplicated, fast and most importantly fun. Servicing will be simple and inexpensive compared to the others. I got a quote of £165 on the insurance for a year. I spent the extra 500 for the faired version, but the naked is also great.

It just, if they are going to do a comparison, sure - compare to a Z1000SX, but stick with bikes around the same price range.
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I agree with ur thoughts totaly.

But it is a pleasure to see the KTM with most power and torque lose each one of the acceleration comparisons against suzuki and it costs a lot more then Suzi.
And too much electronic spoils the fun of bike riding especialy on naked ones.
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