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Hey guys,

If anyone is interested in a custom projector headlight for any variant of the GSX-S1000 or GSX-S750, send me an email at [email protected] and I will put a package together for you based on your choices. Regardless of options, this drastically improves visibility when riding at night. The stock headlight adjustment tabs are retained so you're still able to properly aim the beam(s).

You can either send me your existing headlight or I can supply a new one for you at an additional cost ($200 for both naked and F models). I have over 10 years of experience retrofitting and modifying headlights for both motorcycles and cars and only use high quality components and build materials. I am based in the USA but I will ship internationally at reasonable costs.

The basic projector retrofit includes:

  • Bi-xenon projector (2 for the F)
  • 35W HID kit (slim ballasts, igniters, bulbs of your choice of color temp - I recommend 5000K)
  • Interior components painted matte black, gloss black, or left in original chrome
  • MotoCycle relay harness included, must be wired to battery terminals and routed to headlight. The headlight harness/connector is retained and modified for plug and play. The only thing you need to do is connect to your battery and route the wires to the front of the bike - the rest is plug and play. Some components will need to be zip-tied when reinstalling the assembly.
  • Headlight is re-sealed with butyl and goretex breather vents are reinstalled to ensure no moisture is trapped inside headlight.
Optional items:

  • Halos/angel eyes (available in white, white/amber switchback, red, blue, or Bluetooth-controlled RGB)
  • Accent strip lighting (available in white, white/amber switchback, white/amber sequential (side to side) switchback, red, blue, or Bluetooth-controlled RGB)
  • Integrated turn signals in unused corner pods (F model only), plug and play with stock turn signal harnesses
  • Lens etching with logo of choice
Pricing will vary based on each build, but in general, total costs range from $275 to $600. Email me at [email protected] for a personalized quote. Turnaround time can be as little as 2 days.

Photos of my work can be found here: Headlight work

Some recent Suzuki work:


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Johnny-5!! The original WALL-E. Love Short Circuit.

Each build is tailored to each customer's specifications - halos aren't required or anything. The first picture shows a clean, simple build with no halos.
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