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I think it would be beneficial to have a thread dedicated to the target afr from those who have had their bikes on a dyno and/or raced and have legitimate data to back up their target afr values. Not just WOT, but a good comprehensive target afr table.

Since the afr a given bike "likes" would be relatively the same across the same model, unless there are internal motor modifications and/or forced induction, a target afr table would be able to be shared among all the GSXS owners. Unlike a fuel map, which could be wildly different between bikes, the target afr should be very similar, if not the same.

For my BKing, I was lucky enough to find someone on that forum that drag raced, and he was willing to share what his target afr was. I originally had my target afr at 100% set to 13.2, but in his drag racing, he said 12.6 produced a higher mile per hour. I decided to try it, and he was correct. The BKing had always run out of breath around 150mph, but after changing the target afr to 12.6 from 8500 all the way up, it now makes it to 160mph. Not that I go that fast on a constant basis, just wanted to see what it would do and see if the richer mixture did, in fact, generate a higher top speed.

For those who don't have a tuner near by and choose to go the autotune route, a good target afr is the holy grail, especially with the fueling issues this bike seems to have.

I have attached what I am using for the BKing as an example, from what I have been seeing, the values may be fairly close to what the GSXS likes. But they are obviously two different bikes, so if you use these values, use them at your own risk.


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