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That was myself, yeah. It had more power but it became a jerky mess just like old gsxs. He used the fueling off his dyno tune with that cs racing naked but, the video itself was proof how the fuel was off / bad with that set up.

He told me the flash from that would directly translate to my bike, it did not. I did eliminate that bike license though and just flashed to stock and made fan temps lower.

honestly, im happy with stock fueling as I’m keeping the stock exhaust. If I decide to go fuel exhaust I will definitely use the preferred exhaust and get his tune in it.

but honestly. The stock tune for me is hitting me perfectly fine. I don’t think I want a louder exhaust as I’m just enjoying the ride with the new bike. Mainly commuting vs all my previous toys being abused hard as weekend warriors.

I do have my own woolich set up now so I can change things up in future.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts