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Guys, I've been John at ESA (Eagle Screens Australia), and I am able to report that there is good news, and bad news. Firstly, the bad... he currently has no intention of making a flyscreen for the naked bike.

The good news, however, is that he will make a tinted one for the F. To defray to cost of getting a mould made, a couple of things need to happen;

1. Someone needs to donate (for good) their stock screen - I've already volunteered mine, so this is covered!
2. We need another couple of people to order a screen.

We have the opportunity to have some input as to the size/shape of the screen. I was thinking something a little larger than the stock screen, but not a full-on touring setup.

Here some examples of he colours/tints available;

I'll see if I can get an estimated price from him, and will update this post shortly. Is anyone interested?
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