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2016 Suzuki GSX-S1000F
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I'm looking to get some protection for the engine in the unfortunate event I drop the bike. I previously had the frame sliders that stick out, wasn't too keen on them although I know they would protect fairings.
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I thought I'd go down the route of the engine guards this time. I've seen ones that cover most of the engine parts like the Suzuki carbon ones, GB Racing and stuff, but I would prefer the style that covers just the bottom. Had my heart set on the Rizoma, but I've heard they aren't making them anymore and can't seem to find any in stock online.
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I know there are R&G which are similar but very basic, t-rex which seem a bit chunky and the Yoshimura which are stupidly expensive.

Does anyone know of other ones I've not mentioned, or even better have some Rizoma ones lying around ? 😂
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