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"F" version review.

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Quite a good review on the Bennetts insurance site.

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I notice in the review that Marc Potter refers to the rear suspension as being set stiffer on the "F" model.
However from the handbook the rear pre-load for the "F" is position 3 which is softer than position 4 stated for the naked?
There are no other differences stated between models for standard settings.

Great review my Marc potter, have always respected his reviews.
Basically my thoughts when ordering the bike 6 weeks ago.
The more I read.... the more I think I've made the right choice :)
First youtube actual test I've seen of an F ....

Also, same as Martin, still waiting for my red/black F.

Maybe arrives this week so the dealer says.. hopes...
Just got the call, bike arrived, now out of crate !!!!!!!!

Picking up this Saturday morning !

At bloomin' last !!!
You lucky b****r scatz!
Mine delayed by at least a week.
Trouble with living in Devon
The more I read.... the more I think I've made the right choice :)
Given how long the GSXS has been out for so long and with what i've been seeing/hearing about it so far i feel as if it has stood the test of time.

Just seen another review and sure makes me glad i went for the Faired version, new the fairing would make just that bit of difference.

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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