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I'm toying with the idea of selling my luggage. I no longer commute to an office, am doing fewer multi-day trips, and am enjoying the occasional trackday. Everything is sitting in the original boxes now and I'm not sure I'll reinstall at this point. Part of me says, "keep it for someday maybe", and the other part says, "sell it to someone who'll actually use it".

So, with that said, is anyone interested? The cases themselves have seen some miles (> 12,000 miles) but are in good condition. Not new, but good (dare I say, great) condition. I cleaned them after every long trip, and once again before winter.

Here are the part #s of what's included, along with links to give a sense of price new:
Thinking economics, shipping outside of the contiguous US might be prohibitive but we can try to make it work.

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