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First day

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First impressions
snatchy throttle. Don't know what they're on about, maybe it's because I've had a Street Triple for 6 years but it seems smooth enough to me

Changing traction control while on the move. It won't change unless you're off the throttle completely

putting fuel in. Do it very slowly, there's a restrictor in the tank & overflows at the meerest touch of the nozzle

checking the oil level. You need arms like a gorilla to hold it upright then bend down to look at the sighting glass or just use the abba stand

everything else. Absolutely bloody brilliant. Sounds great, bags of torque, lovely smooth, linear power delivery, great seating position, really comfortable & looks good in the sun (when we get some)
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That's awesome to hear!

I haven't been able to test ride one yet, still not available here in Aus :(

The throttle was my main concern, all the reviews differ in how snatchy they say it is, some say terrible, some say not so bad. I'm coming from a Daytona 675, which would be quite similar to the street triple.

Thanks for the heads up on the fuel, that's good to know.
I find the throttle ok most of the time, it's when you want to try to maintain 30mph on bumpy surfaces it becomes a nightmare where I either close it totally or clutch in.

With the fuel I just put the nozzle in all the way then pull it out (fnarr) a little bit and go full beans till the pump stops when it gets full had no issues so far.

I do the oil level on rear paddock stands but I know what you mean, it's a 2 man job if you haven't got a stand of some sort.

I will add that the torque is insane. So much so that my throttle hand nearly came off during 3rd and 4th gear at 10k RPM. I really struggled to hold on >:D
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