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Hello everyone!

After much deliberation I traded in my 2010 Honda cb400sf which I'd riden for 3 years for new 2016 GSXS1000. Naked. Blue.

Initially I was planning on buying 2019 white model but then I came across the new bike that's been sitting at the dealer for about 3 years. It was about 250 000 yen cheaper (about 2300 us dollars). I didn't really care about slipper clutch or a couple of extra hp so I figured I'd buy it. Btw I live in Japan and bikes here aren't as cheap as some people may think.

What I did care about was the notorious "snatchy throttle" which some folks reported had been somewhat fixed in latter models. In hopes that the bike I was going to buy wouldn't have that problem and that ECU's of the bikes for domestic market are different I signed the papers. I will get my hands on the bike on Sunday and get back to you on how it actually feels to ride it.

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