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GSX-s1000 testing at Alicante.

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Motorcycle News UK will be riding the bike next week! :)

Suzuki GSX-S1000: the rivals | MCN

Keep an eye on the sight for further news.
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And they've got it up against the BM too...hope they get good weather :)
First Rides

As dekker pointed out, Suzuki shipped 8 GSX-S1000 to the south of Spain and invited moto journalists to take first rides and enjoy free buffets this week. The bikes were all naked, non-F.

After the press guys are done, the bikes will be shipped to UK and trotted around to any interested dealer for prospective customer test rides. The dealers and schedules are posted on the web. Dealers expect to receive production bike around June.

In North America, dealers have been promised 8X10, full color, glossy photos to show prospective customers. Photos expected to arrive in late July. Yanks obviously rank just behind Somalia in Suzuki marketing priority.
Perfect timing for that to happen especially as delivery of these bikes is also just right around the corner :D

It will be a big day for UK Suzuki fans when the GSX-S1000 demonstration bikes arrive at local dealerships nationwide on 18 April. And now Suzuki is offering you the chance to put it to the test.
Have read 3 test reviews, general opinions seem good.
All 3 criticised snatchy throttle from closed position and over sensitive ABS action.
Praised engine power, torque and handling.
Have got my test ride booked for 1st May, it's gonna be a long wait!
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