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Ready Powersports in Mississauga

TL;DR Great bike if you like Gixxers. Stop hesitating, go ride one...

First trip out since getting my licence back was courtesy of a lovely blue and white GSXS-750. Instantly you feel like you're at home, but strange because you know its not the same bed.

The Suzuki people were quick to correct me, the GSXS-750 is not a de-tuned GSXR, but a remapped and rejigged GSXR. They say the S750 has special valve timing and all new intake and exhaust ports, but I couldn't tell. They also said the injectors were at different angles vs the throttle bodies for better powere delivery. I also couldn't tell...

What could I tell? It feels like a 750 I4, not too dissimilar from my old R750. Ok yes it was a little better at the bottom from standing starts, not as rev happy if you will.

Clutch is slightly firm, but that may be a result of my old injury so your mileage may vary. The rest of the gearbox was fantastic and easy as I remember.

6,000 RPM and it will cruise at 130 kmh (~80 mph), no buzz. It's more then happy to bring the front wheel up if you're a bit too casual with it. But man did it bring back to fond memories of my old GSXR 750...
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