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GSX-S750 vs Kawasaki Z800?

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Could make for an interesting shootout...

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I think that Kawasaki has the advantage here though. Kawasaki has a bit of a bigger name and the Kawasaki Z800 looks great. I think that Suzuki would have to undercut the price a touch to overtake Kawasaki in this battle.
Yup, Kawi is kawi, still, it's going to be interesting to see the two compared. Hopefully some motorcycle review site goes through with it.
In Europe this shootout will undoubtedly happen, probbaly with the MT-07 tossed in for good measure...
I like the carbon fiber looking seat on the Kawasaki.
I like the carbon fiber looking seat on the Kawasaki.
i agree, it's a great look that i haven't seen anywhere else.
it also complements this bike greatly.
I think that little touches like that make the bike seem more expensive. It is things like that that separate comparable bikes from one another. It costs so little for the company but it generates an emotional response for the consumer. People want to buy things that they feel they haven't seen before, or don't see that often. They want to stand out from the crowd.
well said.
good to see suzuki was the one who was able to do it, now that we have seen them do it, i bet the rest will follow to some extent.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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