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GSXS1000R vs CB1000R

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Visually very similar...

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Interesting visual comparison
Great look at the both of them
thanks for posting this.
Funny, I want to kill the CB with fire but the GSX is much more appealing. Better flow, nicer lines and execution, the GSXS gets the gold.
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Nice to compare them. The GSXS has it's mainly ex GSXR followers and Honda will probably have a high proportion of ex CBR riders. Very civilised the Honda in general and in my opinion that's what lets it down. Suzuki are always that bit more on the edge in both performace and style. As is shown in the clip attached. bike sounds&sm=1
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What is that ugly piece of metal stuck under the Honda? Part of an old Zero? Oh! I get it now.. is and exhaust pipe!! Designed? That's arguable! :)
The Honda has been around for several years. In person, its very nice looking and well finished. I test drive a used one. Very nice, all around.

The power reminded me of my concours 14. No peaks, or valleys, just power when you want it.

As far as fun to ride, I'll bet a sewing machine might have more personality. Not to say it was slow, its not, but very boring.
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This was my shortlist ....But I think the Honda will get a big update next year.
I had by '11 CB1000R for four years before selling it for the F. It's pretty hard to fault, well built, smooth power delivery, nice handling characteristics. 2008 - 2012 it was up there with the rest, but for me Honda has failed to develop the bike into what it should be now. No TC, no gear indicator on it's digital dash and underpowered in it's class.

Oh, and I knew of only a handful of owners that kept the exhaust.... not only is it a little ugly and very heavy, it's whisper quiet!
I had a ride in CB1000 R and Ducati 821 and S1000. I really like the CB1000 but S-1000 won my heart.
That exhaust. What were they thinking.

Single sided swing arm though is nice
You know the bike Id like to see is an updated fz1. I dont think we'll see it as its too close to their fz09, but theres many old r1 parts that could be added/used to update it.
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A new fz1 based on the current r1 would be great, I've been waiting for one for years. Come on Yamaha!
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