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Making my way back after a nasty accident shattered my right wrist 5 years ago (and totaled my gixxer 750 in the process), low-side, guardrail, I'm lucky to say the least. Anyways, I'll never ride another sport bike again, my wrist is still too mangled and just don't have the strength on my right side to support my body in a meaningful way on a supersport anymore.

I used to have a '99 GSXR 750 I bought used, I loved that bike, it was comfy, visceral and compliant with almost all my whims. Anyways enough with the reminiscing, when I heard suzuki would be bringing a standard to market based off my beloved 750 I knew I had to at least check it out, I owed that much to myself, and I did at the Toronto Motorcycle Show...

While the new 750's are markedly different from my '99, there is one thing that never changed, Suzukis are always the most comfortable (for me). I'm a shorter guy, and I've always liked that the Gixxers had slightly lower seat heights then most rivals. But again, when I mounted properly and went to open the throttle with that much weight loaded onto my wrist, it shot pain up to my elbow. Well we knew that dream was done anyways...

Onto the GSXS, immediate impressions, it FEELS like a Gixxer. From the minute I swung a leg over that gsxs 750 and pulled it up from resting on the kickstand you can feel immediately the two are the same under the skin. I found the ergonomics satisfying, it gave me the more relaxed position I was looking for but it didn't totally sacrifice sportiness which I was pleasantly pleased about.

There were a few minor niggles, the front fender is brutal and I would be interested in MX style bars instead of the stockers, but I'm into the GSXS750. I've already started my way back, I have my M2 course booked for the middle of April but I'll need to find out just what kind of damage insurance intends to do to me. I'll be around, cheers!
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