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As my profile said, I am on bike 38 or so. (Have owned, NOT presently own, that is.)

I have owned the GW250 for a few months. VERY fun bike. (I LIKE the looks. Owned a BKing.)

But then I heard Suzuki might be dropping the naked GSX-S 1000, so I found one at a local dealer and put a deposit over the phone. Will pick up next week.
Used. 2018. Black. 7500 miles. $9K out door.

I would have bought the 750, but I read the suspension is too stiff and there is no aftermarket support for suspension. So the 1000 at least has somewhat adjustable suspension, and I suspect a suspension shop could modify it if I can't stand it. I haven't read up on it yet. Did not expect to buy one this soon.

Plan to keep the GW250. Most compliant suspension of any bike I remember.
We have a lot of bumpy roads around here.
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