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I loved my handlebars on my 2016 GSXS when I bought it. I even bought a riser and got them closer to my ride position which was great. 11 years on a cruiser gave me that straight up or even laid back riding style. This being my first sportsbike the high position of these handlebars was one of the reasons i bought it.

Fast forward to now and I have completely bought into the performance, skill, pro's, street rides, stunters, chases, adventures and all other things superbike. I have learned more in 6 months on this bike than 11 years on my cruiser. I mean that real physics, performance, sports and speeeeeeeed stuff. Naturally, I have adopted an aggressive riding style and I have outgrown that "upright" bar position I used to love.

It's no secret we are very limited on our option for this bike. Clip ons are not going to work. I even tried a pair of fully adjustable erector set sort of cheapos that wouldn't even tighten down. Then last weekI had an idea. I reversed the riser position, flipped the stock handlebars down, rotated all the controls up and BAM, I can finally tuck my elbows on the highway. When I lean I can feel my opposite arm draping across the tank. Its not RR level stuff but it is MUCH improved!

I just wanted to share some pics for anyone seeking a more aggressive riding position on this awesome bike. It's not overlay expensive either. At full turn the clearance on the levers and the plastic is not much larger than your finger but honestly it doesn't bother in real world application. I could raise the angle of the bar and fix but i'm happy where its at.

Thanks for reading and RIDE SAFE.




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