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Hello from Glasgow!

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Hello all,

Just wanted to say hello and I am looking forward to a test ride of the new GSXs1000 soon. Currently have a gsxr750k8 (had since new) and I have always wanted a 1000cc however I want a bit more comfort now so..
Still in two minds about trying to keep the gsxr or trade in but I am hopeful the test ride will help me decide.

Safe riding!
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Welcome dvader, if you want a more relaxed, but -still quick ride- then the s1000 will suit you. Good luck with the test.
Welcome dvader...from what ive seen if you have a test ride you better get the card out lol.
Have you any idea who is doing test rides in your area? Im heading back from canada right now and will be temporarily staying in the kinross area for a wee while so will be looking to demo soon.
cheers, chris
chr1s if you know the post code for the Kinross area then this link will help.

Mickey oats motorcycles 18th-21st May. :)
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Mickey oats motorcycles 18th-21st May. :)
Hopefully we hear some feedback from other folks going, maybe even from first time owners that went.
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