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I picked up my 16 S1000F (Red/Black) on Tuesday after watching about eleventy billion reviews. I have only had the chance to put 26 miles on it due to work and weather :( however I can already tell I am going to like it. I've owned over the last 12 years (off and on) a Ninja 250, Katana 600, Ninja 650, Boulevard M50, GSXR600 (still own, but in the process of selling) and now this. I loved my gixxer, but my lower back didn't, I'm 30 and fat and sadly supersports are Honey Badgers and don't give a **** about that.

So far I really like it, seating position is great and I love the fact it still has a sport bike feel. Honestly, I wish they made a faired version of the gixxus 750, I'd of waited and picked up the 2018(17?) because I probably won't utilize the horse power of the 1000. However the power band feels like I'll still get plenty of grins out of it without being too silly. My biggest concerns were snatchy throttle from the reviews and lack of a slipper. However (grant it, I'm not very high in the rev range during break in) I've not experienced any rear tire chatter on down shifts and I got rid of the slack in the throttle and that seemed to help quite a bit, to me it seems like after a few hundred miles the throttle will be just fine once I am use to it? It already seems decent.

My biggest gripe so far is the mirrors, I just can't get a position where the right one isn't worthless. So i'll be swapping those out, the levers, wind screen for a smoked one, tail tidy and a seat cowl. Everything but the mirrors is aesthetic preference.

Anyway, hi again.
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