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Tire Automotive parking light Wheel Vehicle Fuel tank

Tire Wheel Vehicle Automotive tire Blue

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Tire Blue Vehicle Wheel Automotive lighting


I ride a 16 GSX-S 1000.

I鈥檝e had the bike for almost 2 years now.
Been thinking about requesting the Service Manual but I was too busy riding. 馃榿

I had a miserable tank slapper on the freeway and crashed last year.
My first ever crash after riding/owning numerous bikes and it happened at freeway speed. I was very lucky though, the bike and I were mostly fine.

The headlight and dash were smashed in that crash. I was never a fan of the oem headlight so this turned real quick into a project. I designed and 3D printed a new face for the bike.
The last iteration is the blue one. Still not the happiest with my design, it鈥檚 a work in progress.

Anyways, I finally joined. I鈥檒l hopefully be able to help other members.

Planning on doing a Throttle Body Sync soon. If anyone is interested I鈥檒l post a thread. Lmk.
If there is already one let me know too! 馃檪
if you have a SERVICE MANUAL, please share it. I鈥檇 appreciate it.

Enjoy your ride

*update: it looks like I鈥檓 scaring some here with asking for the service manual. 馃憖
That鈥檚 fine. Forget about the request.

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Very creative! Definitely a different look. I understand why you would think to split the two sections for this look, but what about if it was one solid piece on the front like a fairing, no split In the middle?

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(I had a miserable tank slapper on the freeway and crashed last year)

You should consider a damper... a lot of kit options...
You can search the forum, has a lot of threads about it.. toby, ktech and some chinese...

Should help you prevent another episode...
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