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Everyone, thanks to a hit n run driver that totaled my Ninja 1k, and put me in the hospital for a couple of weeks at the same time, I’m looking to replace my N1k.

I really like the new GSXS1K F. But there’s also a few things I don’t like. Still trying to decide if I should get another N1K or get the Gixxus.

GSXS1000F Pro’s

-Better engine, more power, faster, lighter
-Better handling
-Better seat
-Insurance probably lower
-better looking
-newer model, will retain value longer


-really lacking wind protection, even the F. (This is a big minus because I have to ride 2 hours just to get to a fun riding area and a constant wind blast exhausts me)
-Luggage carrying capacity not as good
-all digital gauges, even the tach. Can’t stand the digital tach.
-currently more expensive
-snatchy throttle

N1K Pro’s

-MSRP may be more, but can get one for less
-can mod up to be as fast as the Suz
-55 rear transforms the handling, not as much difference after that
-with aftermarket windscreen options, much better wind protection


-insurance probably more
-dated styling
-dated model, will probably depreciate faster
-no gear indicator
-engine can be buzzy over 6k rpm’s
-really poor seat, but not to expensive to fix that

Since no dealers around me over test rides and the demo rides are too far from me I don’t know for sure if the Gixxus engine is that much smoother than then N1k. Some of the testers say it is, others say it’s buzzy over 6K also. One thing I do know is that even the F model windscreen is less than half the size of some of the aftermarket options for the Ninja. The only aftermarket option I’ve found for the Gixxus F is a powerbronze, which isn’t much larger than stock. I’m sure there will be more in the future.

Still really torn though and I can’t buy both. Open to all opinions.

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I'm thinking there will be other windscreen options in the future.
Look into the "F" motor having a fairing being classified as a "sportbike" on Ins. too!
As for the throttle I imagine at the least Suzuki will offer "reflashes" similar to the FZ09 soon.

I think the engine and from what's been 99% of reviews handling are enough in the PROs compartment.

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Had mine two weeks now. I did 200 miles today. Brilliant bike. Twisties, straights, in the rain , sun all seems brilliant.
I just find that going from V twins and triples, it is not powerful enough at the bottom end. You have to screw it to the top end rev range to get it to pull.
No throttle issues though, smooth as ****.

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It depends on your preferences of course but if its the same as naked z1000 then i would advise u to go for suzuki. I wanted to buy Z1000 2014 so i rented it for a whole day. Ive done twisties , fast corners(160-170)slow town riding u name it.

So my conclusion was:

- in fast corners it gets wigli wigli( felt not planted like the frame would get twisted not rigid) same feedback came from a friend who drove the sx version (faired one)
- short cornes- twisties lower speed is ok
- gearing is too short ( u always not intentionaly hit the rev limiter)
- clutch is to hard ( u feel pain in ur hands)
- the seat is way to hard
- abrubt throtle on-off
- commuting at low speeds is ok u just may not fully close the throtle
- limited lean angle due to exhaust system

Dont get me wrong i really wanted to buy Z1000 naked but after this day of driving it i changed my mind totaly. (gsxs-1000 was not out yet not even an info if suzuki will bring something or not. so i had a big problem what to buy.)
I didnt want to go for BMW because its just unfaired s1000rr and its simply ugly with assimetric light, ktm is too supermoto.

So i waited to see if honda or suzuki will bring something. And there it was suzuki came out. Perfect looks as many say easy on the eye. Enought power, longer gearing, nice seating position, better softer seat, and totaly planted thrue corners, nice sound, nice small looking oem exhaust, enought lean angle freedom, TC and not important but as bonus lowest fuell consumption ( its always good when u go on a trip w friends and u can ask them "couldnt we make another 50-100 km and then go to petrol station;)>:D)

OOOo and the price makes it really a no brainer!!

I've done now cca 6.000 km with gsxs1000 naked and would make same decision again without even thinking about it (I think this is a good indicator for myself i made the correct decision)

i would suggest to just take a seat on one and u will understand. If u test ride it (but properly test drive not just commuting) u will buy it.;)

I hope this helpes to decide.

Some people buy also BMW to have a BMW or they just like to visit dealer service more often for repairs( same for KTM)>:D>:D or u go for Tuono (then ull be always first on petrol station)>:D
No offence just joking............. but its thrue!!:D
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