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Hey folks!

Just ordered a new 2018 GSX S1000F in red and black at my local dealer.
Bought it based on reviews and pictures, still have never sat on one but that's usually how i buy my bikes :D

My first was a Suzuki GS500F that i bought sight unseen and had never sat on one.
My current bike is a Suzuki SV1000S that i purchased from the other side of the state and had shipped. Again never sat one.

This will be my third bike and third Suzuki in a row. hmmm... that must entitle me to some kind of member benefits right? :laugh:

Already have a list of upgrades that i am keen to start on and will most likely ask questions in the appropriate threads for help and advice.

Really looking forward to unboxing the new beast and sharing the experience with you all along the way.


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