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Hey there! Proud owner of a 2018 gsxs 1000 z, here. I picked up my toy a couple months back, and had a wicked drive back to Ottawa from Montreal. Once I was out of the pothole **** of metropolitan Montreal, I realised I made a good choice in my bike!

Anyways, salesman bit aside, I graduated from 3 years on an 06 Suzuki Katana 600. I found that to be a great first bike, I love that machine, but I'm really glad I upgraded to my new gsx.

I've driven my old katana, a 2013(?) Fz8 (which wasn't mine),and tested a couple others, before settling on my gsxs. I think this will last me a good while.

I've got a few little personal touches to it, and waiting on a couple more with shipping. I'll have to remind myself to post some pictures and a short list of, everything when it's all(for now) on!

Some of those touches are from things I gathered from lurking this blog, so I figured, I'd join and at least try and contribute to what seems to be a good community of people.

Anyways, last bit of boring stuff, I'm a 26 year old dude and always been a motorcycle (and car!) enthusiast! So I doubt that the last couple things I'm waiting on will actually be the last things I'll wait on 馃槈

The pic is from my return trip home, stopped off to get lunch and stretch!

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Did you get a Sub or a Burger? Gorgeous bad bike! What mods are you going to add?
I went to the Tim Hortons, just out of view. It was halfway through a long day, so I wanted some cheap coffee haha.

And for what I already have:
1.Puig windscreen-the wind on the helmet was a little strong on windy days, this helps a lot!

2. The yoshi fender eliminator, which it had when I picked it up (bike was "used" with 1000km) so that saved me some money!

3. Shogun frame sliders, and spindles.

4. LED turn signals. Barracuda freccia up front, quadras backside.. I'm really liking the looks of each, front and back.

And I'm waiting on:
Axle sliders, a rad guard from spengineering (which I learned of from lurking here). After cleaning some road nasties from around the rear shock an ermax rear hugger made the list!

That's it for the time being. But I'm considering slightly bigger grips, but I think that'll be it for practical, and visual changes.
Next will likely be performance, more than likely starting with just an air filter, and whatever is with that air box stuff, before the eventual headers, decat and Flash, or Power Commander. I've told myself I'm going to try and wear out the first pair of tires before I add the power!
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